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It isn't Islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you
Islam is NOT the Religion Of Peace - it is the Doctrine Of Death

Ban The Burqa

There is a slight difference between the burqa and that other vile garment called the niqab. The burqa is mostly seen in repressive Islamic nations such as Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, where even the eyes are covered by a mesh. The niqab is the garment that covers the entire body, but has a slit for the eyes, which are mostly visible to others. However, for the sake of clarity, on the Hotheads website, the term "burqa" will be used in reference to the burqa and the niqab. After all, both garments are disgusting, barbaric and repressive and should be banned completely from all public places.


The Hotheads website proudly displays the Ban The Burqa graphic for the world to see, simply because it is not a crime to express opinions and Hotheads will not be intimidated by anybody into removing it. None of those politically correct tribunals such as the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board or the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal will ever intimidate the operator of Hotheads into abandoning his right to free expression and to hold and publish his opinions.


If anybody, individuals or any of these politically correct tribunals dares to prosecute Hotheads for doing nothing more than stating the unvarnished truth or offering an opinion, even if that opinion is unpalatable to some, Hotheads will not only fight any such action, but will most definitely launch extensive counter-claims in any appropriate legal jurisdiction for substantial costs and compensation. Hotheads has experience in such matters and its operator has never lost a legal action to this day.

Who is under that burqa?

Muslims who are offended by criticism of their filthy death cult, their terrorism, their abuse, denigration and mutilation of females and that disgraceful garment called the burqa always complain that the people who express these opinions are committing racism. This is completely preposterous and untrue, simply because Islam is not a race. It is not racism to denigrate a religion, because religions have absolutely nothing to do with race, DNA and any other physical attributes.

Like all religions, Islam is nothing more than a belief in a particular brand of mythical Skydaddy and has absolutely no basis in fact or reality. Sure, people who are Islamophobes, usually with very good reason, may be practising bigotry, but certainly they are not being racist. Accusing people of racism for detesting and criticising Islam is like criticising people for detesting and hating Nazism. Both are merely doctrines and anybody of any race can subscribe to them. This is why all accusations from Muslims about critics being racist are just blatant lies and not even worth considering.

Somebody shopping in a burqa
Somebody, maybe an Islamic suicide bomber, shopping in a burqa. Who knows?

Is this what we want to see in the streets and shops of Australia? Who is that person under that burqa? Is it just a Muslim woman shopping in a supermarket, or is it a terrorist about to detonate a suicide vest? Who could know, when the person under that full disguise is allowed to parade around the nation without anybody being able to be assured that it is not a terrorist or a robber under there.

Subservient women behind a man
Subservient women walking five paces behind a man as required

The above scene might be all right in those Islamic shit-holes like Afghanistan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, but this is the last thing that most people would want to see in Australia. Yet in some of the Muslim-dominated suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne, this sort of scenario is already prevalent. Apart from the security issue, it is a very intimidating sight for Australians to be confronted with people dressed in black sacks from head to foot, with everything covered except their eyes.

So far, Australia has been very lucky that all Islamic terrorist attacks have so far been thwarted by police and intelligence agencies before they were perpetrated, however allowing people to wander in public in burqas increases the risk that a terrorist will use such a disguise to launch an attack that will kill many people or to commit other crimes. This has already happened in many nations. Here are a few snippets.

Mary Konye in a burqa stalking her victim
CCTV shot of Mary Konye disguised in a burqa following her victim home before attacking her with acid

The Internet is riddled with such reports of crimes and atrocities committed by people wearing burqas. These vile garments offer a perfect disguise, because most societies are too politically correct and too timid to demand that everybody should show their faces and thus be identified. So criminals and terrorists can literally walk about in burqas, with guns or bombs concealed under them and perpetrate their offences before anybody has a chance to prevent them. They certainly wouldn't be so free if they were wearing balaclavas in public instead. This is why the burqa should be banned completely.

People in burqas at press conference
This is not a press conference of the Ku Klux Klan

This has to be the height of barbarity, forcing females to wear such repressive garments. It is obvious that Muslims really are clinically insane if they treat females in such a way and are scared to even look at them. No wonder Muslims are the biggest perpetrators of sexual deviation, such as rape, paedophilia, bestiality and a myriad of other perversions, when they cannot even look at a fully clothed woman without becoming overwhelmed with sexual desire and an uncontrollable lust to rape her. These bastards are beyong being sick.

Muslim Licence

This driver's licence came from the old Yugoslavia and was issued to an Iraq-born Muslim woman residing in Zagreb. It is fine to respect the religious customs of others, but in the opinion of most Australians, the concept of women covering themselves from head to foot in sacks is completely alien to Australian society. In any case, what's the point of having that photo on this licence? Anybody could be under that burqa, even Osama Bin Laden himself. But this is what Muslims want to force upon Australian society.

There have already been applications by Muslim women in Australia to have their driver's licence photos taken while wearing a burqa. It was widely reported that a Muslim woman in Adelaide tried to force the South Australian government to allow her to have her burqa-clad photo on her driver's licence, however this was rejected. Another case involved a Muslim woman who was subpoenaed as a court witness in Western Australia and demanded to appear dressed in a burqa. Fortunately, this witness was made to reveal her face in court, but it shows how Muslims are pushing for special consideration in order to conceal their identities and maintain their self-imposed Apartheid.


Any sort of facial disguise in public places is an inherent security risk and every business should protect itself to the utmost. Sensitive transactional areas such as banks, financial institutions and petrol stations clearly ban people entering wearing motorcycle helmets, masks or balaclavas, however in most secular nations, there is a cringe factor about banning the entry of people wearing burqas, even though the burqa is not religious apparel. Yet many crimes have been committed by criminals and terrorists disguising themselves in burqas because they understand that cringe factor and realise that most people are reticent to demand the removal of those burqas.

Every business should ban entry and service to anybody wearing any sort of facial disguise, whether it be religious, cultural or any other covering. No business should risk the safety of its employees by admitting people wearing disguises. Hotheads advocates that every business should place the following sign on its entrance and rigidly enforce the requirement that no person who is wearing any form of facial covering will be admitted or served.

No Face Covering Sign
Every premises should have this sign at its entrance and enforce it completely

Every business and private person is welcome to copy the sign, print it and use it anywhere. It is high time that everybody stopped cringing to Muslim dictates and started to protect themselves against the risk of criminals and terrorists disguising themselves in burqas. Everybody has the right to protect themselves and reduce the risk of being the victim of crime, so if Muslims in burqas object to being booted out of stores and other premises, bad luck to them.


Nowhere in that evil book the Koran does it mention that women have to wear those body-covering sacks called burqas or niqabs. NOWHERE! In other words, the burqa is an invention by misogynistic Muslim men to control women. Why do they do this? The answer is quite simple, when taken in context with other repressive Muslim practices.

The Koran dictates that Muslim men are superior to women and that they are nothing more than chattels and possessions of men. Of course the one thing that women do possess is the ability to satisfy men sexually and this is perceived as a threat by Muslim males to their control.

This article provides a comprehensive explanation as to why Muslims are so terrified of women that they have to subjugate them to such a degree. It gives the background to why Muslim women are forced to wear burqas and also shows why Muslim men practice paedophilia and bestiality to a massive extent, because of their sexual repression.


Because of strict, medieval and stupid Islamic teaching and customs, Muslim males are kept away from women. They are forbidden to have any intimate physical relations with women until they are married, often by arrangement. So these Muslim males enter puberty and all of a sudden, feel all those sexual urges that civilised non-Muslims treat as a perfectly normal phase in their lives.

Having no normal outlet for those sexual urges, many Muslim men get married early, often to child brides, leading to the enshrined practice of what civilised people would classify as paedophilia and sexual abuse of children. According to the Koran, the Prophet Mohammed himself was a paedophile, so many Muslim males don't consider child sexual molestation to be a crime. In fact paedophilia has been codified in the modern era by that degenerate and thankfully now dead piece of filth, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran, who issued the following fatwa (religious decree) that shows the extent of Islamic sexual perversion.

So Muslim men are permitted by religious decree to rape girls, as long as they are over 7 years old. Even worse than that, they are allowed to engage in sexually molesting girls younger than this, even breastfed babies. This is stomach-wrenching stuff for any civilised human. A non-Muslim father would be outraged at the very thought of a man having sex with his 8-year-old daughter, but to think that a man would stoop so low as to sexually molest an infant is simply mind-boggling. However, Islamic leaders such as Khomeini have issued decrees to allow rape, paedophilia and sexual molestation as legitimate Muslim activity.

As an aside to show the utter barbarity of Islam, Muslim men are permitted to rape their wives and to beat and abuse them if they refuse sex and for other reasons that would never even raise an eyebrow in a modern secular society. In some Islamic nations, women are murdered for refusing sex and very few Muslim men are brought to justice for killing their wives for that reason. The Internet is riddled with instructions and even video clips of Islamic clerics instructing Muslims how to beat their wives.


It is no wonder that Muslims consider paedophilia to be acceptable, when their filthy book the Koran promises that when Muslims go to heaven, they will receive sexual favours from young boys.

The Koran is riddled with such perverted exhortations to Muslims, who believe this evil book to the letter. It is no wonder that Muslims think nothing of committing terror attacks, suicide attacks, paedophilia, bestiality, rape and the most heinous crimes against humanity, when their own religious book exhorts them to do so and promises them such rewards in the mythical afterlife.


The complete ban on Muslim men having any sort of meaningful premarital contact with women means that these males are not even being allowed to get any inspiration for self-relief by even seeing the female form. Many Muslim males thus resort to what the civilised world would view as very deviate practices, such as bestiality. This is a very common occurrence in Muslim nations, where not only do many Muslim men have sex with animals, but the practice has even been approved in fatwas, again by that piece of scum, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran, as follows:

Would you buy meat from a Muslim, knowing that the fellow may have had sex with the poor beast before murdering it for being a victim of this Muslim's violation? Any civilised person would be stunned at this sort of barbaric behaviour, but just like child rape and paedophilia, Muslim men having sex with animals is a very acceptable and brutal part of Islam.

This is hard to fathom for any civilised person, but in Lebanon, men are officially allowed to have sex with animals, provided that those animals are female. However if a Muslim man has sex with a male animal, he can be executed. In one bizarre incident, in 2006, a Sudanese man was forced to marry a goat after he was caught having sex with the animal. Sex with animals is not unusual in the Islamic world, just as paedophilia is not unusual in the Catholic Church, simply because both creeds make normal sexual relations outside the bounds of their stupid religions a sin.


The massive insecurity and terror of Muslim men in regard to females is proven by their enshrined practice of what they call "female circumcision" or in reality the barbaric infliction of clitoridectomy. Nobody should be fooled by Muslims trying to convince the world that it is the same as male circumcision. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Male circumcision is merely the removal of the foreskin of the penis, leaving all sexual abilities intact, of course including the ability to reach orgasm. No Muslim man would ever consent to the entire head of his penis being amputated, because that would be the instant end of his sex life. Yet this is what clitoridectomy does to women. It is nothing less than the complete amputation of the clitoris, putting an instant and permanent end to a woman's ability to achieve sexual satisfaction.

The idea of this barbaric mutilation of women is to prevent them having any sexual desires, thus trying to stop them from even thinking about having affairs with other men. Clitoridectomy is one method that Muslim men use to try and prevent women from achieving any sexual satisfaction, while the males just use the women as receptacles for their sexual relief, without any consideration for those women that they abuse in this manner. There is no doubt that Muslim men are completely terrified of women, so they do everything in their power to subjugate them in every way.


This rather long explanation about the abject terror that women inflict on Muslim men merely because of their sexuality shows why the burqa was invented. The burqa is not required under Muslim law, but because of the utter sexual repression of Islam, Muslim men fear that the sight of a woman's body will drive them to uncontrollable frenzies of sexual lust, thus they must protect themselves against this.

So having the right under Islamic law to treat their wives and other females in their families as property and fearing that other men might be attracted to them, Muslims have forced their women to cover themselves from head to foot in burqas and even convinced them that it is done for religious reasons, not for the real reason of the endemic sexual insecurity of Muslim males.

A Muslim mass wedding
A Muslim mass wedding - which bride married which husband? Or did the Ku Klux Klan move in?

Does any western secular nation really want to see Muslim weddings like this, knowing that the women who are wearing those white burqas will be forced to swap them for black burqas and wear them whenever they go out of their houses? This sort of forced denigration and subjugation of women should never be allowed in any civilised society. Sure, Christian and Jewish women occasionally wear veils at their weddings, but they do not become anybody's slaves or chattels afterwards.


Could there be anything more repressive than Muslim men forcing their women to spend their lives wearing bags over their entire bodies? It's hard for people living in the modern era to believe that this sort of barbaric enslavement of women still happens and is commonplace in Muslim nations.

These photos graphically show what Muslim men do to their women and their abject stupidity and paranoia that makes them fear the sexuality of women so much, that they have to repress them to this degree.

Muslim taking photo of women
Which one is his wife? How stupid is this?

Muslim man swimming with wife
Muslim man swimming with wife. This has to be the height of repression.

It is quite staggering to see the extent of the fear that Muslim men have of females. Not content with allowing Muslim women to just exist in their slavery with just a slot in their burqas so they can see, one lunatic Muslim cleric in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Mohammed al-Habadan, has called on women to wear a burqa that reveals only one eye. This fruitcake stated that showing both eyes encouraged women to use eye make-up to look seductive and it is obvious that he and his fellow Muslims are completely insane. But this is what Islam is all about - repression of every variety.

Another Saudi fruitcake cleric advocated a policy where women with attractive eyes would be forced to cover them up. A spokesperson for Saudi Arabia's Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (CPVPV), Sheikh Motlab al Nabet, said the committee had the right to stop women revealing tempting eyes in public. It is hard for normal people in civilised nations to even understand the utter lunacy of such people.

Pakistan and Britain
Street scenes in Lahore, Pakistan and Dewsbury, Britain

The utter hypocrisy of Muslims can be seen from the above photos. The photo on the left was taken in Pakistan, which is one of the most rabid Islamic nations in the world. There seems to be no insistence by Muslim men for their women to be clad in burqas and in fact the happy couple in the photo are dressed in western clothing and holding hands.

However, the photo on the right was taken in the town of Dewsbury in Britain, where Muslims have settled in great numbers. Apart from the British shop signs, the street might very well be in Saudi Arabia, judging by the apparel of the people. It is obvious that many Muslim women practise apartheid by wearing burqas in modern western nations to separate themselves from non-Muslims. The concepts of integration and assimilation do not exist for these people.

The wearing of burqas is just a tool for Muslims to remain apart from the mainstream societies in the nations that they infiltrate. Very few of them have any desire to become a homogenous part of those societies, yet they want those nations to accommodate their apartheid. So it is fine for Muslim women in Pakistan to walk the streets in jeans and with faces exposed, but it's not fine for Muslim women in Britain or other western secular nations to do the same, because they may be exposing themselves to the Infidel. The hypocrisy is staggering.


Apart from the burqa being an unacceptable sight in many civilised secular nations that Muslims have infiltrated, allowing people in public to cover up their faces and prevent their identities being known poses a massive security risk. There have been many news reports of criminals donning burqas and robbing banks. Terrorists have escaped capture by disguising themselves in burqas.

For instance, in September 2011, Taliban gunmen with suicide vests and rockets attacked the US embassy and NATO in Afghanistan, killing seven people. Kabul police chief Ayoub Salangi stated that the attackers were disguised in burqas as they travelled in their van to their intended targets. They were not searched, because Kabul police do not have female officers to search women at checkpoints. At least eight attackers were involved in the assaults.

In Afghanistan in June 2012, French troops were responding to a report of a bomb planted under a bridge in the main market area of Kapisa province’s Nijrab district when a suicide bomber walked up to the soldiers and detonated his explosives, killing four of them. Another five French troops were wounded in the blast, along with four Afghan civilians.

But if these attackers were not disguised in burqas, chances are that they might have been apprehended before they managed to perpetrate their murderous acts. The problem in most western secular nations is that political correctness would make police and security guards balk at demanding to see who and what is under a burqa, lest they offend some Muslims.

The niqab or burqa is the perfect disguise for criminals and terrorists in secular western nations. People disguised in these repulsive garments can go literally anywhere in public without the risk of being challenged because of cultural sensitivity and political correctness, whereas people wearing balaclavas and overcoats in the same places would immediately be accosted by police and citizens before they went a dozen metres.

Terrorist Wearing Burqa
Niqab-wearing terrorist being arrested by British police

For instance in June 2015 in the British the town of Watford, a niqab-wearing man was arrested after planting a suspicious package outside the Travelodge Hotel in the main shopping street. This man was only challenged by police after citizens noticed the package and also noticed that he was carrying a school rucksack with the cartoon character Peppa Pig on it, something that no Muslim would do. Police arrested the man and detonated the package.

Bank Robber In Burqa
Bank robber wearing a burqa holding up bank in Britain

There have been many reports of people wearing burqas committing a litany of crimes, from holding up banks, such as the above example, to shoplifting, assault and robbery. It is reliably reported that in India, many jewellery stores in Bhopal have sought to ban people wearing burqas because of a wave of heists and stealing by them. Reports such as the following are commonplace.

INDIAN EXPRESS TRIBUNE - 03 September 2010

KARACHI: Groups of burqa-clad women with men and children in tow have been shoplifting the length and breadth of Zamazama Boulevard, by taking advantage of the hustle and bustle in the small spaces.

Ishaq Memon, who owns a cloth shop, fell victim to one such group that, according to him, stole from others in the area in a single day. “When we discussed the incident among friends and neighbouring shops, we found out that the same group had stolen from four shops in different streets,” he told The Express Tribune.

In one case, a burqa-clad woman haggled over an order, pretending to be a regular customer’s sister. When the regular customer walked in later, the shopkeeper mentioned it to her, only to discover that she was an only child. The burqa-clad woman’s cell phone number was a dead end. A stock check revealed several shirts were missing.

"The problem is that you cannot suspect every woman in a burqa to be a shoplifter," said Shams Bhatti, a shop owner in lane VI. "You cannot do anything when four women and two men enter your shop and ask the attendants to show them things in different corners. Most of the time they don’t buy anything. They just excuse themselves and leave quietly. These women hide the items in their burqas or their bags," he claimed.

Sometimes the women-dominated group includes men who help 'distract' shopkeepers while the women make their move. The number of members of these groups varies. Shopkeepers said they are about six to eight on average.

When shopkeepers suspect them of stealing, they hurry out of the shop and hand over the stolen items to their accomplices waiting outside. "So whenever you stop them for inspection, you have to face humiliation because they have nothing on them," Bhatti said.

"It is also very difficult for shopkeepers to check the women they suspect as it is extremely disrespectful," said Abdul Saeed, an official at the Darakshan police station.

These groups have not just restricted themselves to clothes and accessories inside shops, but have also taken off with generators outside. During the last two months, eight generators have been stolen from shops in Zamzama, said Bhatti, quickly adding, "They are not only operating in Zamzama but also in other markets like Gulf Way and the Forum Mall."

One young woman having coffee at the Forum Mall was deprived of her handbag a little over a month ago. She was sitting with a friend when a group of burqa-clad women squeezed by the small space. It was gone within seconds. “I knew it was them,” she said. “No one else was around at the time.”

Although many shops have installed surveillance cameras the groups somehow dodge them too. It is also difficult for shops to monitor the cameras as well.
MAINLINE MEDIA NEWS - 23 November 2010

NORRISTOWN – A man who disguised himself as a Muslim woman in a burqa when he held up a Lower Merion bank last year was sentenced to prison.

Thomas Samuel, 26, of the 200 block of North Edgewood Street in Philadelphia, pleaded guilty to robbery and conspiracy charges in April. On Friday he was sentenced by Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O’Neill to five to 15 years in state prison, according to court papers.

Just after 10 a.m. on May 20, 2009, a teller saw a customer enter the Bank of America branch at 250 E. Lancaster Ave. in Wynnewood covered from head to toe in a burqa with only the eyes visible.

When the teller gestured for the customer, whom she believed was a woman, to come to the bank window for service, the person walked over and allegedly put a note on the counter torn from a daily planner that read, “Fill up the bag please.”

According to the criminal complaint, as the teller took cash from a drawer and began stuffing it in a black bag, the robber reportedly said, “Hurry up” with a deep voice, and the employee realized at that point the suspect was a man.

The suspect put a black handgun on the counter with its barrel pointing at the bank employee as she continued to put cash in the bag. A moment later he fled the bank with $10,000. A “bait pack” equipped with a GPS device was also placed inside the sack to help track the thief.

And the device was indeed tracking the getaway car, a white Buick LeSabre, as it traveled east on Haverford Avenue toward Philadelphia. Another man, later identified as Shawn Michael Thompson, was riding in the car.

Eventually Lower Merion Police Officer Paul Colletta spotted the Buick on Lansdowne Avenue and Marilyn Road in Philadelphia and pulled the vehicle over, which, considering the report the suspect was armed, was considered a high-risk stop, according to authorities.

During the stop, Samuel and Thompson were identified, and when officers checked the car trunk to make sure no one was hiding there, they spotted a black bag containing a large amount of money. After towing the car to an impound garage and getting a search warrant, police retrieved a “realistic-looking” plastic toy gun, about $10,000 cash and the note the robber showed to the teller.

After the two men were taken to police headquarters and read their Miranda rights, they admitted to the robbery. Thompson, 25, pleaded guilty to robbery and conspiracy in January and was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison.

Would that bank in Philadelphia have allowed a person in a balaclava to freely walk in? Of course not - such a person would be pounced on immediately by security guards, the anti-robbery shields would be activated, alarms would be triggered and the police called. But when a robber in a burqa walked into that bank, absolutely nothing happened and the robber was actually invited by the teller to approach her. Would that teller have invited a balaclava-wearing person to approach? Of course not - she would be hitting the hidden alarm button and activating all the security measures.

That robber was only able to get to the teller and make his demand for cash because the robber knew that the bank staff would be too politically correct and too intimidated by the threat of accusations of racism and religious vilification to challenge him and demand that he remove the disguise. It was fortunate that the teller had the presence of mind to insert a tracking device into the sack containing the loot and the robber was eventually arrested.

Virtually no banks or financial institutions will permit people to enter their premises wearing full-face motorcycle helmets, balaclavas or any other apparel that covers the face. It would be unimaginable for banks to permit people wearing stockings over their heads to enter their premises - they would be sounding the alarms and calling the police if somebody like that entered or was even loitering outside. Yet many of those institutions do not even flinch at the sight of people wearing burqas coming into their premises, but not knowing if they are just Muslim women or robbers armed with machine guns under those cloth sacks.

The burqa, including the long robe to the feet, is ideal for shoplifting and other forms of theft. A person wearing a burqa can walk into a store, place merchandise under the burqa and walk out. Store owners are reluctant to accost people in burqas whom they suspect have stolen merchandise, because of the usual outcry from Muslims of racism and religious vilification. The only real solution is to ban the burqa from all public places and ignore the howls of outrage and unfounded accusations by Muslims.

Burqa and Ski Mask
Burqa and ski mask - what's the difference? The mouth hole in the ski mask - at least the thug gets to breathe properly.

What would a storekeeper or bank teller do if he saw somebody like the person on the right wearing that balaclava walking in the door? How would security guards at large shopping malls react if they saw a group of people walking in wearing such ski masks? There would be massive alarm and police would be called and most probably, guns would be drawn by the security guards.

Yet in certain areas of Sydney and Melbourne, you can see people wearing full-face masks entering shops and malls with complete impunity, simply because those full-face disguises are called burqas. They pose the same security risks as people wearing ski masks, but somehow because of completely misguided religious tolerance, people wearing burqas are accepted, but people wearing ski masks are not. This is institutionalised insanity and political correctness gone mad.

The same goes for air travel security. In Australia, no "normal" people would be allowed to cover their faces when entering an airport. Airline procedures require travellers to produce photographic identification to verify their identities, such as driver licences when checking in. But exceptions to this security are made at every airport in Australia, where burqa-clad people are permitted to enter airports, check in and board airliners, all with their faces completely concealed by burqas. How on earth can identification be checked on a person who has their face completely concealed by a burqa and refuses to reveal it?


This sort of politically correct kowtowing to the false Islamic practice of wearing burqas has to be stopped. What Muslims do in the privacy of their houses is their business, but what they do in the streets, in shops and banks and at airports is public business and the public has the right to feel secure, knowing that there are no terrorists or criminals under those burqas. Therefore burqas, like any other apparel that completely covers the face, should be completely banned in every public place.

There is no religious reason for the burqa. It is only the manifestation of the complete sexual insecurity of Muslim men and their abject fear of women that has inflicted this stupid and repressive apparel on women. Like the false claim of Muslims that their third most holy site is in Jerusalem, when there is no mention of this city whatsoever in the Koran, there is no requirement for Muslim women to wear that disgusting burqa and they are stupid if they allow themselves to be repressed by their men into doing so.

Of course what Muslims allow in their houses is more or less up to them - but what is good for the public in public places and business where everybody mingles is a different story and the risks of having people in public with their faces completely covered is unacceptable in any modern society.