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Australia was in crisis. For a number of years, boatloads of people had literally been invading Australian territory, claiming to be refugees. Most of them came from Middle Eastern or Asian countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan. They claimed to have suffered persecution and grave risk of death. Of course nobody can be blamed for seeking a better existence in what is considered to be the best country in the world. However there is a set mechanism for applying to immigrate to Australia and that is, to go through proper channels with the relevant Australian representatives in most countries.

Fact - All boatpeople arriving in Australian waters from Indonesia or any nation where they have been given free entry, but claiming to be refugees or asylum seekers are criminals and queue-jumpers who have conspired with other criminals to deliberately break Australian laws


Firstly, here is a humourous and clever video clip that really is not funny at all because everything in it is the unvarnished truth. This is a song that says it all about the disgusting illegal immigrant racket and the huge price that Australia is paying for the idiocy of the Rudd-Gillard Labor government. Watch the clip, then read on.


Here is the blunt truth about these boatpeople and how they scammed Australia, in collusion with the former Labor government that allowed the scam to proliferate.

Then there were the so-called "refugee advocates" who completely ignored all the facts and the truth about these Middle Eastern scammers and pressured the government into accepting at face value their phoney stories about fleeing persecution and death, when in fact those people had been living in perfect safety in Indonesia and instead of applying for legal immigration, decided to pay criminals to smuggle them illegally into Australia. Those bleeding heart clowns should be ashamed of themselves for deliberately helping to promulgate such a massive criminal enterprise.

Can anybody disprove any of the above? Of course not, because it is the barefaced truth about how Middle Eastern country shoppers conspired with Indonesian criminals to be smuggled illegally into Australia, all with the cooperation and connivance of the corrupt Indonesian government that issued these people with tourist visas when the government knew exactly why these Middle Eastern people had flown to Indonesia. That government could have stopped the people smuggling racket in a heartbeat, but dirty Indonesian politicians and officials were earning millions of dollars from the racket, so it continued for years.

Having gained legal entry to a safe haven nation such as Indonesia, those boatpeople thus automatically relinquished their refugee status and were then free to apply for legal migration to the country of their choice. This is the international legal situation, as mandated by the United Nations Human Rights Convention.

The true situation with the boatpeople from the Middle East is that they actually landed in a number of such safe havens, prior to attempting to enter Australia. The most common route for them was via Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, none of which have a policy or track record of persecuting or killing them. Therefore if these people arrived in any of a number of safe havens before they departed them for Australia, how can they then invade Australia claiming to be refugees when they could have remained in perfect safety in any of these countries and applied to settle in them? Then eventually if they had wanted to come to Australia, they could have applied to do so legally.

That these illegal immigrants were criminals is very simple to prove. None of them came directly from their home nations where they may have been persecuted, but arrived from the last of a series of safe haven nations that they transited, therefore they deliberately and fraudulently misrepresented themselves as refugees to Australian authorities, thus committing criminal fraud. What is even more damning is that many of them were not persecuted or under threat in their home nations, but confessed to just wanting to come to Australia for better work and living opportunities, but thought that it was easier to pay criminals to get them to Australia as refugees, rather than go the route of applying for legal immigration.


The benighted pack of imbeciles known as the previous Australian Labor Government constantly referred to the illegal immigrant boatpeople as asylum seekers and refugees. Have a look at these photos and see if you think that they look anything like poor starving hopeless refugees.

Do these muscular guys in singlets look like they are persecuted and starving refugees? We donít think so.
Those females dressed in designer clothes - they must have been persecuted into buying at Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana.
Nice lifestyle, dressed in the latest faded jeans fashion and board shorts.
Does this clown look like he has spent years starving in a refugee camp somewhere, just to develop that gut?
Check the muscles on that refugee in the singlet. They must have fantastic gyms in those refugee camps.
Do any of these refugees look as if they have been persecuted, starved, hounded and threatened? We donít think so.
Check this tattooed guy. Heís a prime candidate for the Hellís Angels or Comancheros Muslim bikie gangs.
This poor starving fellow is another Muslim bikie gang candidate with those muscles.
Yet another Muslim bikie gang candidate. They must have great bodybuilding facilities in those refugee camps.
A couple of starving refugee girls, complete with designer clothes, painted false nails and designer glasses.
Starving refugee family on death's door seeking asylum, dressed in fashionable apparel.
A starving refugee claiming asylum from persecution and death, wearing designer clothes and toting a Louis Vuitton bag.
A fashionably hairstyled starving refugee who has just had a cosmetic nose job.
Check the tits and groovy clothes on this starving refugee. She really looks like she is dying of malnutrition.
Look at that starving refugee in the orange designer t-shirt. He really looks like he is at death's door.
Another starving refugee. Not exactly ready for the cemetery, but ready for the jihad.
The same starving refugee. He's ready to join the Muslim terrorists in Australia.

Most of these illegal immigrant people arrived in Australian waters with no documentation such as passports, identity cards or any other papers that indicated who they were. There is no doubt that nearly all of them travelled by air through a number of countries before reaching Indonesia and the people smugglers. So how did these people pass through so many international air and sea ports with immigration barriers and stay in some of these countries for lengthy periods of time, if they did not have passports and visas?

Figures obtained from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship revealed that more than 80% of the illegal immigrants arriving in Australia by boat threw away their passports before landing, presenting a security nightmare for ASIO and immigration authorities. 5213 people arriving illegally between 2008 and 2010 had first flown to Indonesia before boarding a boat to Australia.

But only 21 of those people still had passports with them by the time they were intercepted in Australian waters. And less than a quarter of them had any documentation at all, raising the danger that people who posed a security risk could slip through the net.

To travel by air, every person must have documentation such as passports and visas. Anybody who has travelled overseas will attest to this. Just see what happens if you try to board an international flight without a passport. Even if you managed to buy a ticket and somehow sneaked past all the outbound checks and obtained a boarding pass, boarded an aircraft and flew out, you would be immediately stopped at your first port of call by the local immigration authorities, who would demand to see your passport and a visa if required.

If you could not produce these documents, they would be arrested immediately. There is absolutely no doubt that especially in these modern times of high security, people without proper documents such as passports and visas would have no hope of travelling from the Middle East through a number of countries to eventually reach Australia.

The inescapable truth is that they these illegal immigrants must have had travel documents so they could transit through all those nations, but most of these bogus refugees deliberately destroyed them prior to entering Australian waters to prevent Australian authorities identifying them and proving that they were either not genuine refugees, or that they had been given entry to a number of safe haven nations, but had deliberately chosen to bypass them and instead engage the services of other criminals, the people smugglers, to illegally infiltrate them into Australia.

Therefore by simple logic and their own deliberate acts to try and conceal their true identities, these illegal immigrants showed that they were not refugees but merely criminals. Perceiving that Australia had a far better welfare and social service than most other countries, they targeted Australia for nothing more than economic reasons and did everything in their power to obstruct Australian authorities in determining their true position. None of them tried to go to closer nations that did not have the sort of social welfare or opportunites that Australia had, but of course these people were not refugees or asylum seekers, but merely country shoppers. There are also more sinister implications that will be dealt with further in this article.


In November 2013, American writer Luke Mogelson and Dutch photographer Joel Van Houdt gave the first account of what boat people go through to reach Australia. Mogelson's and Van Houdt's journey began in Afghanistan, where Mogelson lives. No people smugglers would agree to take journalists, so they masqueraded as asylum seekers. They were white, so they pretended to be Georgians with sensitive information about their government's activities in the 2008 war. In the event of a search, this explained their possession of cameras and recorders.

An Afghan colleague pretended to be a local schemer and contacted another Afghan in Jakarta, a people smuggler known as Hajji Sahib. He agreed to provide them passage from Indonesia to Christmas Island for the discounted fee of $4000 each. After flying to Jakarta, they were taken to the 23rd storey of a tower block on the northern edge of the city. Here they lived in a flat with an Iranian man, his eight-year-old son and six-year-old daughter.

About 30 more asylum seekers lived in these flats. Most were not Afghans but Iranians from lower middle-class cities, builders, drivers, barbers and shopkeepers who complained about the economy at home and the chokehold on their freedoms. After being delivered by truck to the coast of Jakarta, these people waded into the surf to board open-hulled skiffs that took them to their boat. All but one Afghan man among the asylum seekers were Iranian.

Upon nearing Christmas Island, a crew member used a satellite phone to call Australian authorities for help, before passengers destroyed passports and identity documents and threw mobile phones overboard. Australian sailors subsequently arrived, distributing new life vests, fresh water, bags of frozen tortillas, jars of honey and a tub of strawberry jam. They instructed the crew to restart the boat's engines and continue the voyage under escort.

Is this what real refugees or asylum seekers do? Destroy their passports and identity documents and throw their mobile phones overboard? How many real refugees in those squalid camps in Africa even possess mobile phones? Were these so-called asylum seekers living in those flats in Jakarta that under any sort of threat of persecution or death in Indonesia? Of course not, simply meaning that they were not refugees or asylum seekers at that time and should have never been treated as such by Australia. And if their boat was still seaworthy and the engine worked, why was the boat not turned around and sent back to Indonesia?

This report alone proves that these boatpeople are nothing more than scheming opportunists who deliberately set out to violate Australia's sovereignty and treat Australians as a soft touch to be exploited. This was seen by the fact that the Australians took these bogus asylum seekers to Christmas Island, even though their boat was operable, came from Indonesia and had no permission to enter Australian waters.

And the Indonesians facilitate the scam, all the way to the top of the government, because they allow these people to legally enter and reside in Indonesia until they can be sent on their way to Australian waters. The corrupt Indonesians could stop this racket overnight, but obviously they are making too much money by being involved.

Mogelson's and Van Houdt's eyewitness report merely proves the scam and this is why every single one of those boats full of bogus asylum seekers should be stopped at gunpoint and turned around. And if the people on board decide to scuttle their boats to try and blackmail Australia into rescuing them, well I believe that Australia has no obligation to rescue people who deliberately want to commit suicide. If a few boatloads of these criminals - and that's exactly what they are - drowned because Australia refused to rescue them and it was publicised that this was Australian policy, then those boats would stop coming overnight.


It is clear that these boatpeople are just country shoppers looking to illegally infiltrate Australia and reap the generous benefits on offer by conspiring with Indonesian criminals. The classic example of one of these bastards is Iranian Arash Sedigh, who was featured on an ABC report about boatpeople.

Sedigh was no asylum seeker or refugee. He had originally applied to Australia for a visa under the Skilled Migration program and was refused, probably for good reason. So instead of accepting the legal ruling, Sedigh decided to conspire with criminals to smuggle him to Australia. The boat carrying Sedigh and his wife was intercepted and all the illegal immigrants were bundled onto an unsinkable lifeboat and towed back close to Indonesia and given a big push.

But did Sedigh get the message that he was not wanted and he had no right to come to Australia? Of course not. He again conspired with criminals and they put him and his wife onto another boat heading for Australia. That boat was also intercepted and the occupants put onto another unsinkable lifeboat and towed back to the Indonesian border and given a big push. The interesting thing was the video taken on the cellphone of one of these illegal immigrant bastards. There was Sedigh and his cohorts screaming "Fuck Australia" and telling the world how Australia deserved another 9/11 and many other vile exhortations.

The left-leaning ABC probably hoped that Australians would feel sympathetic towards illegal immigrants such as Sedigh, but the program merely proved for once and for all that these Middle Eastern bastards were not asylum seekers or refugees, but criminals who should never ever be allowed to set foot into Australia, going on their repugnant sentiments that were recorded for the world to see. Not only that, these Muslim bastards would be an existential risk to Australia and the last thing we need are these potential terrorists living amongst us.


It is interesting to note that many of these bogus illegal immigrants who claimed that their lives were at risk or that they were under threat of persecution have opted to go back to their nations of origin after discovering that the Abbott Liberal government was not going to grant them permanent protection visas or allow them to set foot in Australia. So why would these people opt to go back if their lives were at risk, when they could stay in perfect safety in New Guinea?

Of course the answer is very obvious, but the lunatics in the refugee advocacy business who have been representing these criminals refuse to acknowledge the hard facts that these bogus refugees and asylum seekers are just bastards who were not being persecuted at all. Nobody in their right mind would opt to voluntarily return to any place where their lives were threatened.

This was even more graphically demonstrated in July 2014, when a group of Sri Lankan people claiming to be Tamil asylum seekers were intercepted by Australian authorities and returned to Sri Lanka. Many of them were subsequently interviewed by reporters and they all stated that they were not really refugees and their lives were not threatened at all. They merely tried to get into Australia because they were seeking work.

Yet even when confronted with this hard evidence of scamming by these Tamil job-seekers, the cretins in the refugee advocacy business were still claiming that these people were refugees and in fear of their lives if they were returned to Sri Lanka. However, it was clearly shown that these people were quite safe in that nation and the refugee advocates in Australia were delusional.


The most blatant evidence that these boatpeople are not genuine refugees or asylum seekers is the fact that they make the firm choice of flying to Indonesia or Malaysia, then conspiring with criminal people smugglers to put them on boats and sail them into Australia waters. This costs each of these illegal aliens anywhere between $5000 to over $10,000 per head.

The popular notion held by many Australians is that these so-called asylum seekers come by boat because it is cheaper than flying. This is the greatest load of utter nonsense and provably so. It is staggering that Australians can be so gullible and stupid as to believe this, when about ten seconds of pondering the issue would show that the exact opposite is true. And here is the hard evidence.

Consider this. If a person in Iraq, Afghanistan or any other nation in the Middle East area was seeking asylum and had between $5000 to $10,000, the amount of money he would need to pay a people smuggler, why did this person not simply get on an aircraft from any of those nations and fly directly to Sydney? After all, a one-way airfare from Baghdad to Sydney on EgyptAir was listed as under $1,400 as of August 2012.

But assuming that an illegal alien could not fly directly to Sydney from Baghdad for whatever reason and decided to fly to Jakarta instead, as most of these boatpeople do, that would cost him around $1200 on Turkish Airlines. Having landed in Jakarta, he would then be free to book himself on a one-way flight to Sydney and that would cost him $450 on Malaysian Airlines. The total airfare from Baghdad to Sydney via Jakarta would be under $1,500.

The reason that these illegal aliens prefer boats to planes is because airlines and customs require passports. These people don't conspire with criminals to put them onto leaky boats from Indonesia to Australia because it's a cheaper way to travel. There's a massive difference between $10,000 that an illegal alien would spend to be smuggled to Australia, as opposed to a direct flight costing under $1,500.

The only rational explanation is that these people are not refugees or asylum seekers, because they completely avoid coming to Sydney via the front door, so to speak. They would rather spend up to seven times the cost of that airfare to be smuggled into Australia and that alone makes them criminals, not asylum seekers, not refugees, just nothing but crooks and economic nation-shoppers. That alone is why they should NEVER EVER be allowed to enter Australia, be processed as asylum seekers and use our court system to fight being booted out. Every last one of them should be kicked out of Australia upon arrival and without hesitation.


Yet another Muslim bogus "refugee" was exposed as a serial scammer. Palestinian-Kuwaiti "refugee" Aladdin Sisalem used the Disability Support Pension (DSP) to take 16 taxpayer-funded holidays to Thailand, China, Indonesia and Russia. Sisalem spent 17 months in the Manus Island detention centre in 2003 and 2004 after attempting to enter Australia by boat from Papua New Guinea and became a poster boy for refugee activists after his release.

When he arrived in Australia, Sisalem stated that he wanted "just a normal life, something good to do" and briefly lived with prominent refugee advocate Julian Burnside QC in his Melbourne home. "Itís a pity it took seven months of litigation for the Government to come to a fairly obvious conclusion that we have a responsibility to him," Burnside said at the time. Burnside said that Sisalem was a man with "considerable courage and strength" who had been traumatised by his ordeal. "When I told him about his visa, he broke down and wept," he said.

In February 2016, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal ruled that Sisalem was not only ineligible for the DSP on medical grounds, but he wasnít even eligible at the time it was cut because he had been spending too much outside of Australia. Sisalem told the tribunal that he funded 16 overseas trips in the past six years with his pension, including two months at a "clinic" in Thailand where he indulged in massages, herbal treatments, physical exercises, acupressure and meditation. At the same time, Sisalem told his doctors he found it "difficult to sit, stand, use my hands or arms for more than a few minutes" and "has difficulty coping with travel by public transport".

But senior tribunal member Damien Cremean found that this didnít appear to hinder him lifting luggage. "He expressed no difficulty in being able to lift his 13kg of personal luggage into the overhead lockers on his flight in July last year," Dr Cremean said. He stated that Sisalem was an untruthful witness when he gave evidence in his bid to get the pension back last month. "I do not accept the truth of Sisalemís evidence except on basic uncontroversial facts," he said. "I am satisfied he is prepared to advance or convey a misleading picture of himself and his travels."

We constantly hear that will not be enough money to support needy people or pensioners. We hear that money is running out for Medicare and the government has cut pathology bulk billing and also cut a number of important medicines from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and now people who need these medications, mostly pensioners, will have to pay a lot more for them. But that fool Malcolm Turnbull did not have any problem in handing out $1 BILLION of OUR MONEY in December 2015 to the bogus climate change movement in Paris France. Turnbull did not hesitate when he handed out $1 BILLION of OUR MONEY to import 12,000 so-called refugees from the Middle East. Turnbull did not think twice about allocating $1 BILLION of OUR MONEY to a bogus climate change bureau in March 2016.

The worst part about these handouts is that every cent of them is borrowed money and the Australian taxpayer is forking out over $1 BILLION EVERY SINGLE MONTH to foreign creditors in interest. The same goes for foreign aid. This idiotic government is borrowing money to hand out to other nations and making Australian taxpayers pay massive interest on it. And some of those nations, such as Indonesia, hate Australia and have been scamming this nation for years by facilitating a flood of Muslim bogus asylum seekers.

Which brings Hotheads to this scammer, this Aladdin Sisalem grub who was not a refugee at all, having come from Kuwait, a nation that was not at war. He obviously was not suffering from any sort of physical disability, as witnesses totally discounted his lies about not being able to use his arms. Sisalem had no problems in carrying his 13kg backpack and lifting it in and out of aircraft overhead lockers. As for Sisalem's claim of going to Thailand for two months to a "clinic", the only therapy he probably received were "Happy Ending" massages, blowjobs and Ladyboy sex. Sisalem is a Muslim and therefore an opportunity to have very available sex with females and transvestites in Thailand instead of with goats and sheep, would have been a major attraction for him.

Sisalem was assisted by that left-wing "refugee" advocate Julian Burnside, a lawyer who should have been a hell of a lot more intelligent, but Burnside is an utter disgrace to his profession and a blight on this nation. He has spent years facilitating the Islamic invasion of Australia and smoothing the way for grubs like Sisalem to come here and scam us. But this is why Australia has to deal harshly with Sisalem by making an example of him. He should be arrested and jailed for fraud and after he has served a lengthy prison sentence, he should be deported back to his home nation and if Kuwait refuses to take him back, he should be put on a small boat and pushed out to sea, so that he can float back to Papua New Guinea or anywhere else.

In fact this is exactly what Australia needs to do with all those bogus "refugees" and fake asylum seekers who flew into Indonesia, were granted entry visas and safe haven, then conspired with criminals to smuggle them to Australia and bypass Australian border laws. They should all be arrested, forcibly placed on boats and pushed out to sea and all those detention centres that are costing Australia billions of dollars every year could be shut down permanently.

Just as importantly, the Australian people have to stop the government squandering money on bogus refugees, the climate change scam and foreign aid. Charity begins at home and as long as Australia has this massively increasing foreign debt and whopping deficit, all unnecessary spending and borrowing should cease. We are always told by government that we have to live within our means. This involves not taking on loans that we cannot repay, or maxing out our credit cards and not being able to cover the bills. Yet this is exactly what the Australian government has done for years and Malcolm Turnbull is just making it worse with his authorisation of the spending of billions of dollars for stupid and unjustified handouts.

Taxpayers need to stage a revolt to put a stop to this squandering of their money, including support for scammers like Aladdin Sisalem and his bogus refugee mates. Something drastic needs to be done to prevent this nation spending and borrowing its way to fiscal disaster and to also put an end to these Muslim grubs infiltrating Australia and ripping us off.


Virtually all of the illegal immigrants that arrived in Australian waters by boat departed from Indonesia. So how did they get from the Middle East to Indonesia in the first place? The answer is that Indonesia granted them tourist visas so that they could fly from Afghanistan, Iraq and other Middle Eastern nations and enter Indonesia legally and reside there until they could embark on their illegal voyages into Australian waters.

Therefore under normal circumstances, Afghans and Iraqis flying into any Indonesian international airport would have to possess valid passports and visas and have onward travel already booked. Otherwise if they just arrived without those documents and proof of onward travel arrangements, they would not even get out of the customs and immigration areas of those airports, but would be detained and deported. So why were they allowed into Indonesia? The answer is very obvious.

The Indonesian regime has always claimed that it is trying to stop the flood of illegal immigrants to Australia, however that is just a blatant lie. In fact, Indonesia had been deliberately facilitating the people smuggling racket by allowing those Afghans and Iraqis to fly into Indonesia in the first place, allowing them to reside in Indonesia until they departed on those boats to Australia and not ensuring that these people departed on the onward travel that was indicated on their itineraries. But why did the Indonesians do this? Again, the answer is very simple.


The Liberal government that was elected in September 2013 on the promise that it would stop the boatloads of illegal immigrants has actually done this by taking active measures against them, such as turning them back to Indonesia by force. However, there is really only one long-term way to solve the flood of boatpeople from Indonesia and that is for Australia to hold Indonesia fully responsible for this people traffic. The evidence that the Indonesian government and its personnel had been deliberately facilitating this people smuggling racket is more than apparent, backed up by admissions from people smugglers.

The truth is that Indonesia could have stopped this continuous wave of illegal immigrants from Afghanistan and Iraq instantly, simply by not issuing entry visas to those people unless they could provide hard evidence that they were not coming to Indonesia to engage people smugglers to get them illegally to Australia. Even if the Indonesians did grant entry visas to those people, the Indonesians could have monitored them closely and ensured that they departed on flights back to their home nations or to nations that granted them entry visas, which would mean not to Australia. In fact, it was Indonesia's legal responsibility to do this, but the Indonesians knowingly ignored their obligations.

On top of that, the Indonesians did not do any of this, because they are predominantly Muslim and they are part of The Hijra, to facilitate the invasion of secular western nations by Muslims. Because Indonesia had allowed those Afghans and Iraqis to enter legally, Indonesia had in fact granted them refuge and safe haven, thus those people were really Indonesia's responsibility, not Australia's.

Indonesia had indicated many times that it would not accept the return of those boatpeople and this is something that no Australian Labor politician had the guts to face or to do anything about until the Liberal government of Tony Abbott was elected. In actual fact, Indonesia was legally responsible for these boatpeople and should have been held to account over this matter in the International Court of Justice. Indonesia had been getting away with scamming Australia like this for far too long, but Australian Labor politicians had been doing everything in their power to avoid confronting and forcing Indonesia to accept responsibility for this human traffic.

In February 2014, convicted people smuggler Dawood Amiri told an Australian journalist that corrupt Indonesian police, immigration officials and navy personnel were aiding and profiting from the people smuggling trade. This proved that Indonesian government personnel were part of the people smuggling racket and in fact what they were doing was an act of war by knowingly engaging in an activity to deliberately violate Australia's sovereignty. The Indonesian government should have been held responsible for the actions of its employees.

The Abbott Liberal government did something about this. They apprehended every boat sailing into Australia from Indonesia since they were elected and despite Indonesian complaints, had been turning them back or placing the illegal immigrants on unsinkable lifeboats, towing them to Indonesian waters and giving them enough fuel to go back to Indonesian land. To that effect, not one single illegal immigrant coming by boat from Indonesia had successfully landed in Australia and the Indonesian people smugglers had actually given up even trying to send people to Australia in this way.


For all the propaganda emanating from some misguided Australian politicians about Indonesia being a friend and ally of Australia, this is a blatant lie. Over the years and decades, Indonesia has proven that it is no friend of Australia, from deliberately murdering Australian journalists in East Timor to facilitating the flood of illegal immigrants to Australia. At least the Abbott Liberal government put a stop to the way Indonesia was screwing Australia with its people smuggling racket..

Australia gives massive foreign aid to Indonesia. But does Indonesia reciprocate by alleviating problems caused by its people to Australia? Not at all. In 2012, Australia gave Indonesia over half a billion dollars to upgrade Islamic schools - in other words, madrassas that teach Indonesian Muslim kids how to be vicious Jihadists. In the meantime, Australian schools were crumbling for lack of funds.

Australia gave Indonesia more than half a billion dollars in foreign aid to upgrade infrastructure and at the same time, Indonesia spent $8 billion to upgrade its military. Australia's military is a joke because of lack of funding, but the idiotic Australian government handed out enormous sums to Indonesia, which allowed Indonesia to boost its military by letting Australia fund the infrastructure that Indonesia should have been funding, instead of spending so much on its military.

Australia gave Indonesia a number of patrol vessels that could be used to intercept and stop the illegal immigrant boatpeople from even leaving Indonesian waters for Australia. What did the Indonesians do? They sent those boats to the north of Indonesia, refusing to deploy them to stop the people smuggling traffic. Australia also gave Indonesia a number of military aircraft. Are they being used to maintain surveillance on illegal boatpeople leaving Indonesia? Not at all.

Australia needs to understand that Indonesia, a Muslim nation, has a vested interest in flooding Australia with Muslim immigrants - it's part of The Hijra, the Muslim Doctrine of Migration. On top of that, Indonesia had been making enormous amounts of money by facilitating the people smuggling racket, so it was a win-win situation for Indonesia. Its politicians made all the right noises to seem as if they were doing something, but they did the opposite, then informed Australia that they would not accept any boatpeople who illegally depart Indonesia, despite their legal obligations to do so. Well bad luck for them, because the Abbott Liberal government pushed them all back to Indonesia anyway.

Australia needs to treat Indonesia as an adversary, not an ally or friend. All foreign aid should be cut off. All donations of hardware such as aircraft or vessels should be stopped permanently. If Indonesia refuses to accept its legal responsibility to repatriate these boatpeople who depart illegally from Indonesia, then Australia needs to drag Indonesia to the International Court of Justice and force Indonesia to do so.


Under the Labor government, Australian authorities were doing absolutely nothing to discourage these illegal immigrants from succeeding in their scams. When they were intercepted, Australian authorities processed them by transporting them to Christmas Island and performing health and other checks, then sent them to detention centres or even more stupidly, allowed them to live in the Australian community. All this did was play into the hands of the people smugglers, who literally guaranteed that their clients would eventually beat Australia's immigration requirements and live in Australia.

Fortunately, the Liberal Government under Prime Minister Tony Abbott has had the guts to stare down the Indonesians, the people responsible for this people trafficking and demand that they stop it. But any Australian government needs to act more positively to deal with intercepted boats in order to completely put the people smugglers out of business. This is how it should be done.

These methods will stop the boatpeople and the people smugglers in their tracks. However, the big obstacle to dealing with this problem is that Australian politicians are terrified of being called racists and xenophobes and this is one reason why they allowed this people smuggling to continue. But is this a valid concern? Of course not. Japan turns away all alleged refugees and asylum seekers at gunpoint and is Japan ever criticised about this? Does Japan even care? Not at all. The same goes for many nations who repel these scammers who prefer to jump immigration queues instead of doing the right thing and applying for legal residence in nations. They don't care about criticism. They understand how the asylum seeker scam works and they refuse to allow themselves to be victims of it.

But the main problem for Australia is that it is a signatory to the UN Convention on Refugees and this idiotic treaty forces Australia to accept and process anybody who floats into its waters. So this treaty needs to be rescinded as soon as possible, because that will allow Australia to repel these boatpeople scammers at gunpoint if necessary and stop this people trafficking immediately.


Australia is one of only 19 nations in the world that are signatories to the UN Convention On Refugees, which forces Australia to accept and process economic illegal immigrants as though they were genuine refugees, even when it can be shown that these people deliberately bypassed a number of safe-haven nations and conspired with criminals to smuggle them into Australian waters.

People smugglers in Indonesia latched onto this vulnerability and were exploiting it to the hilt and making hundreds of millions of dollars by enticing people from the Middle East and other areas to Indonesia, then organising boats to sail them unannounced to Australian waters. These crooks knew that because Australia was a signatory to the UN Convention On Refugees, it was obliged to process their claims instead of just turning those boats back to Indonesia.

The UN Convention On Refugees was originally introduced to deal with European refugees after World War Two, a very worthy move. However in 1967 it was expanded to cover refugees everywhere. Most nations realised that if they signed this treaty, they would be exploited, so only a few nations actually participated and unfortunately for them, they have paid a very high price for their stupidity. Instead of being able to assess refugee claimants on their merits and refusing to accept bogus claimants, those signatory nations are obliged to process all claimants and in many cases, get stuck with them.

Australia will have a problem with this until it gets the backbone to admit that its participation in the UN Convention On Refugees is being wrongfully exploited by criminals,withdraws from this treaty and refuses to accept criminals masquerading as asylum seekers. At least under the Abbott Liberal government, Australia had taken back its right to choose who comes to this nation and ensure that if people claim refugee status, that they really are genuine refugees, not bogus economic immigrants and country shoppers.


The Australian Liberal government very wisely changed its soft policy towards illegal immigrants after the debacle of the Norwegian container ship MV Tampa. This ship rescued over four hundred illegal immigrants from their sinking Indonesian vessel in Indonesian waters and was taking them to the nearest port of Merak, when the captain, having only a very small number of crew to support him, was coerced and intimidated by the illegal immigrants into turning his ship around and sailing for the much further Australian territory of Christmas Island. The truth is that the captain and crew of the MV Tampa, after committing such a heroic humanitarian act by rescuing these boatpeople, were subjected to a blatant act of modern-day piracy by these criminals.

Instead of the world condemning such a despicable crime by these boatpeople, the Australian government was vilified for not allowing them to land on Christmas Island. The reason given for denial of landing permission was very simple and logical. Apart from the fact that the illegal immigrants on board the MV Tampa had committed an act of piracy, they had no right to demand sanctuary in Australia, as they had already been admitted into a number of safe haven countries. But they decided that they preferred to try to illegally infiltrate themselves into Australia.

The Australian government quite rightly stated that allowing such people to land in Australia under these circumstances would show that Australia was weak and would cave in under duress. This would literally give the green light to many thousands of illegal immigrants, whose perception of Australia being a soft target would be reinforced. Thus this particular group were refused landing on Australian soil under any circumstances and rightly so.

In fact, after the problems generated by the MV Tampa, the Australian government adopted a much harder line against illegal immigrants. Apart from pressure being put on neighbouring countries that give such criminals entry and then allow them to arrange to be smuggled into Australia, a naval presence was established to deter or prevent boatloads of illegal immigrants actually sailing into Australian territorial waters. This policy has resulted in a staggering 98% reduction in illegal boatpeople arriving in Australian waters.


Since the Labor Party was elected in November 2007 and retained power with a minority government in 2010, it reversed the illegal immigration prevention policies of the former Liberal government. In July 2008, those strong deterrents were watered down and as expected, there was an immediate influx of illegal immigrants from the Middle East.

Boatloads of illegal immigrants started arriving in Australian waters and instead of them being asked to show why they bypassed so many safe havens to get to Australian, the government rolled over and agreed to allow them to stay in Australia. One group of 28 illegal immigrants who were intercepted in late 2008 were settled in South Australia and another group of 20 illegal immigrants were intercepted in January 2009 and taken to Christmas Island for processing and they will most likely join the previous illegal immigrants in South Australia.

Under the Liberal government of Tony Abbott, the deterrent to these criminal activities had been resurrected and Australia can only hope that the horde of Muslim illegal immigrants trying to infiltrate Australia will be stopped in the future. The Labor government played the Australian people for complete suckers, but the Liberals have reversed this. Under the previous Labor government, those illegal immigrants showed that crime really does pay, but Tony Abbott and his team took measures that worked very well to stop these bogus asylum seekers literally in their tracks.


Prior to the Australian Liberal Government's crackdown, illegal immigrants resorted to committing despicable acts of emotional blackmail. They deliberately scuttled their boats and endangered their wives and children to force Australian authorities to rescue them and thus become responsible for their welfare - in other words, take them to Australia. The Prime Minister rightly stated that by committing such disgraceful and dangerous acts on their own flesh and blood, these people were certainly not genuine refugees and were not the sort of people needed or wanted in Australia.

The illegal immigrants already in detention in Australia have tried to use physical and emotional blackmail on the Australian government and people by committing acts that could only be described as barbaric. They have vandalised and set fire to their living quarters, abused and assaulted the people who were charged with caring for them, and worst of all, during their hunger strike protests, they sewed up the lips of their own children to put pressure on the government to grant them visas to which they were not entitled. Not only that, a number of their children were sexually molested by some of these illegal immigrants.


Some years ago, the leader of the One Nation political party, Pauline Hanson, was roundly condemned by virtually all other politicians and social leaders for advocating a hard-line policy against illegal immigrants being smuggled into Australia by boat. She stated that such people should be intercepted and if found not to have legitimate refugee status, then they should be turned around and sent back to where they had departed. Ms Hanson was besmirched and defamed by being labelled xenophobic and racist, however it is now very apparent that like so many of her other policies that reflected the desires of the greater Australian community, her stance on illegal immigrants was not racist at all, but quite correct and has now being adopted literally word for word by the Australian government, one of her biggest critics.


A damning Federal Government report the humanitarian settlement program in May 2011 revealed that four out of five so-called refugee households were relying on welfare and more than 60% of those so-called refugees had failed to get a job after five years. A total of 83% of these households of alleged refugees now rely on welfare payments for income.

Not surprisingly, the greatest unemployment rate was recorded among Muslims who were new arrivals from Iraq and Afghanistan, with less than 1 in 10 able to find full time work and 93.7% of households receiving Centrelink payments. The statistics were contained in a Department of Immigration and Citizenship report.

Those not considered "employed" after five years, were unemployed, retired, studying full time, engaged in caring duties, doing voluntary work or trying to start a business for which they had yet to receive income. More than 60% of those without jobs had a poor command of English.

The study of more than 8500 humanitarian entrants found that of those that came from Afghanistan or Iraq, about 93% relied on welfare payments including unemployment benefits, youth allowance, Austudy or the child care rebate.

This study merely highlights the utter stupidity of the Australian Labor Party's policy of virtually encouraging these illegal Muslim immigrants to flout Australia's laws and then become a massive burden on the nation, especially those boatpeople from Afghanistan and Iraq. The hard statistics show that nearly all of them are on welfare payments, can't speak much English, which also makes them unemployable, but they proceed to set up house here and have multiple wives and many children, all funded by the Australian taxpayer.

Of course this is all part of the insidious plan called The Hijra, the Muslim Doctrine of Immigration, which mandates that Muslims migrate to non-Muslim secular western nations and then proliferate, nearly always at the expense of the taxpayers of the host nations, then outpopulate them with the aim of eventually taking control. This is exactly why these boatpeople come from Afghanistan and Iraq, instead of moving to Muslim safe-haven nations close to their home nations.


There should be a very simple set of rules applying to all people who seek to come to Australia as immigrants without having gone through the normal channels. The following tests should be applied and if they fail any of them, entry to Australia would be automatically denied.


In the wake of the attack on the USA in September 2001, the bombing of the London Transport System, the mass murder of Spanish people on the railway system in Madrid, the Boston Marathon bombing atrocity and many other instances of mass murder by Islamic terrorists, great consideration has to be given to the influx into Australia of Muslim terrorists posing as illegal immigrants. It was noted that some of the suspects in the US attack had probably been infiltrated into the USA as asylum seekers, therefore Australia must learn a lesson and be most vigilant in not facilitating easy entry to people who may do us irreparable harm in the future.

Not only that, there are many trouble spots in the world today and millions of people are in fear of their lives, not only from wars but from famine and disease. Such people are genuine refugees and should be shown compassion and accorded as much help as possible by any nations that can assist.

On the other hand, the hordes of boatpeople that had attempted to illegally sneak into Australia were not refugees by any stretch of the imagination. A few may have been when they departed Afghanistan, Iraq, or any of the other trouble spots in the Middle East, however once they arrived in safe haven countries that allowed them entry and did not persecute them, then they should have either applied for residency in those safe havens or applied to the United Nations or the Australian consulate for legal immigration to Australia. However the truth is that the vast majority of them were not even being persecuted in their home countries in the first place and thus could not legally claim to be refugees by any stretch of imagination.


A very interesting scenario has been revealed about many of the so-called refugees and their resources. It was reported in the media in 2011 that the average wage of an Afghan public servant was around $75 per month. It was also reported that Indonesian people smugglers charged around $5000 to $10,000 per person to bring them to Australia. So by the time an airfare from Kabul to Jakarta, accommodation and living expenses in Jakarta are taken into account, an Afghan would really need about $15,000 to embark on being smuggled into Australia.

Simple arithmetic shows that after living expenses are deducted from that Afghan's monthly salary, even if he could save $30 per month, which is highly unlikely, it would take him over 40 years to save that $15,000 - unless he was making far more in some sort of illegitimate activity. This is equivalent to an average Australian wage earner earning $1000 per week saving $2 million, something that very few average Australians manage to do. Therefore it is logical to assume that these Afghan illegal immigrants were being funded by others.

Investigations by Australian authorities have determined that these bogus refugees were certainly not wealthy people, so who paid the huge sums for them to be taken by air from the Middle East, through a number of countries where they needed to be accommodated, fed and supported until they were taken onto boats in Indonesia to be smuggled to Australia?


What might be the real reason why Muslim illegal immigrants travel from the Middle East and Asia through predominantly Muslim safe havens and totally bypass them in their efforts to live in Australia, a Judeo-Christian society. There are a myriad of Muslim nations in very close proximity to Iraq and Afghanistan where these so-called refugees could have found safe haven among their Muslim brethren, eating the food that they were accustomed to and speaking the same language, following the same religion and living under Islamic law, as so many of them have expressed the desire to do in Australia.

These Islamic or predominantly Islamic nations are in the vicinity of Afghanistan and Iraq, from where most of the bogus boatpeople come:

Even when these bogus Islamic "asylum-seekers" get to Indonesia, why don't they stay there, having already been granted entry and residence? Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim nation and those people from Afghanistan and Iraq should feel far more comfortable among their Muslim compatriots, rather than pay a lot of money to be smuggled into the land of the Infidel, Australia?

So why then did these people shun their own Muslim brothers in all those Islamic safe havens nearby and travel halfway across the planet to illegally immigrate to a secular Judeo-Christian nation that is as foreign to them as Mars? It makes absolutely no sense at all, until more information is analysed. Only then, a logical but extremely worrying explanation for this action will emerge.


According to some Islamic websites, it seems that there is a long-term scheme to infiltrate first-world Judeo-Christian nations with Muslims until they out-populate the mainstream societies and then gain political power and eventually assume control and impose Muslim hegemony. This is already been seen to occur in France, Denmark, Germany and other western European nations, where the very quickly growing Muslim enclaves have demanded autonomy, their own courts and their own Islamic-based laws. It is quite apparent that this is happening in Australia and it is obvious that these bogus refugees are being funded by external sources. This is scandalous and smacks of a gigantic conspiracy, but this theory seems to be the only one that makes sense.

This is confirmed by the The Hijra - the Muslim Doctrine of Immigration, a deliberate Islamic policy of Muslim migration to secular western nations, in order for them and their offspring to eventually outpopulate the non-Muslims and then seize power in those nations by sheer weight of numbers. There are intermediate steps that Muslims in secular western nations take to soften up their populations before this happens, such as demands for halal food, sharia-compliant financial transactions and the addition of Muslim holidays to public calendars.

Any actions to suppress them are decried as religious or erroneously, racial discrimination. Demands for separate swimming and gym hours for Muslim men and women, demands for identification photos for licences for women wearing hijabs and refusals to handle pork products or don immodest dress in the workplace have appeared. Demands for special Muslim prayer rooms have been made on many public institutions and many workplaces.

US journalist Janet Levy wrote an excellent exposť of this insidious invasion. The Hijra should be required reading for anybody who doubts that their nation is immune to this invasion and it is available on the Downloads page.

A decade ago, the capital city of Britain was jokingly referred to as Londonistan, but it is certainly not a joke any more. Surveys consistently show that the most popular food is no longer roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, but curry and kebabs. It has been reliably reported in British media that Mohammed is now the most popular name for baby boys in Britain. With the ever-increasing numbers of Muslims either arriving illegally to take up residence in Britain and those already living there that are having huge families that are often being funded by the British taxpayer through the National Health Service, the Islamification of Britain is well and truly under way.

If the people of Australia think that what is occurring in Britain and western Europe could not happen here, they are sadly mistaken, because it is already well in progress, with whole areas of Sydney and Melbourne now resembling third-world Middle Eastern ghettoes, where many non-Muslims are being forced to move out through pressure, unpleasantness and intimidation so that Muslim illegal immigrants can be housed in those localities. Islamic-inspired crimes are now an everyday feature of life in Sydney and Melbourne, with women being pack-raped by Muslim gangs on the basis that they are, in the words of notorious gang-rapist Bilal Skaf, "Aussie whores and sluts" and shootings and terrorist acts by Muslims being commonplace.


These illegal immigrants should be seen for exactly what they are, nothing more than criminals who are attempting to invade Australia for economic and political reasons because this country is perceived as a welfare state with a very soft attitude towards refugees and would also make a very good target for eventual Islamic takeover. They may claim to be genuine refugees, but they are merely crooks who procure the services of other criminals for payment to smuggle them into a sovereign nation.


Illegal immigrants have cost Australia an absolute fortune by abusing our very generous court system. In their attempts to stay in Australia after entering illegally, many of them are fighting their way through the legal process to the High Court, losing, then starting all over again on different grounds. High Court of Australia chief executive Chris Doogan told a Senate estimates committee the process, believed to be a new trend, can take up to two years.

Doogan said such cases proceeded from the Immigration Tribunal to the Federal Magistrates Court, the Federal Court and then into the High Court. "We are noticing a small trend where they will turn up again in another year, 18 months or two years because they have gone back to start the whole process again on a different ground," he said. "They have been through it once on ground one, they have failed and they have had another crack at it on a different ground and again it goes through."

This nonsense has to be completely curtailed. Once there is a determination that a person is an illegal immigrant, that should be the end of the matter and that person should be immediately deported. To allow illegal immigrants, who have broken Australia's laws to sneak into this country, to use valuable resources in a bid to circumvent our immigration policies is insane.


The former Australian Liberal government under Prime Minister John Howard, having had the support of over 90% of the electorate on this issue, virtually adopted the once-vilified immigration platform of One Nation's Pauline Hanson to the letter. It realised that positive steps had to be taken to stem the flood of boatpeople before Australia became totally overwhelmed by them. Australia has a very liberal and compassionate immigration policy, but criminal abuse and blackmail should never be tolerated.

The Liberal government's policy on illegal immigrants, although being literally a hijacked version of the One Nation platform, ensured the overwhelming re-election of John Howard's Liberal and National Party coalition in 2001 and 2004, which only proved even more that this is what the Australian electorate desired and that the government listened and acted. Nobody could accuse the government of not having a mandate to keep illegal immigrants out. Unfortunately, the Labor government under Kevin Rudd has overturned these strict policies and opened the floodgates to illegal immigrants from the Middle East again.

With the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the installation of a more benign regime under the auspices of the United Nations and the free world, it would have been expected that the so-called refugees would return back to that country, now that their prime reason for fleeing has been eradicated. Their reaction to date has been to still claim refugee status, even though they are no longer refugees.


Australia must have the absolute right to control who is allowed to enter this country and live here. It is far too dangerous for Australia to have open borders and accept anybody that decides for whatever reason to arrive and demand to be allowed to remain. There are international mechanisms available to allow prospective immigrants to apply and be processed correctly to determine whether or not they are suitable candidates for residence in Australia. Nobody who manages to bypass such mechanisms and arrives in Australia should ever be allowed to remain under any circumstances. They should be immediately deported to their last country of departure and told to apply properly and legally at the Australian consulate for consideration as immigrants and join the queue and wait their turn.